Exporting 2023

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Welcome! You're one step away from a successful export business that can change your life.

In this book, I explain, step-by-step how to identify top export markets (countries), learn attractive products by analyzing import data, identify the most promising market segments, how to communicate using AI tools and finally how to build distribution channels for round the year sales. All these can be done at zero cost - yes ! I have explained in this book how.

You Get here hands-on guidance on

  • How technology has made exporting easy, what is smart way of doing business ?
  • How to identify attractive export markets by creating filters and using free AI tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard to identify them
  • I have identified 10 top export markets using this process - all details in the book
  • Find products that have high demand by analyzing import data. The book shows how to do this at zero cost
  • Identify promising market segments in any overseas market
  • Get details of primary and secondary buyers in selected countries - importers, wholesalers, distributors, supermarkets, retail stores, Indian stores
  • Learn how to create professional communication - website, email, WhatsApp message etc. using free AI tools like ChatGPT, Google-Bard etc.
  • Build Distribution Channel for round the years sale

Get first-hand feel of this data at zero cost - please visit Overseas Market Data section of Vanik. You can search and browse this data for top 10 potential countries by taking a free registration at Vanik.com. Free registration gives you access to India's largest resources on distributors, retailers, wholesalers.

Learn about the DO'S AND DONT'S on starting/running a new venture PLUS MUCH MORE. After reading the book, you should be ready to undertake your overseas business venture at least investment

Are you ready to be a CEO ? It's one of the greatest titles to have especially when you are investing in something you are passionate about and have faith in doing.

My dream is to help you become a successful entrepreneur, earn handsome income in dollars

Let's do it

About Me

Amit Kumar Chattopadhyay has been associated with online business since 1997. Over the years, he witnessed how the export business has transformed with the advent of new technology. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build successful businesses over last two decades and in the process gained a unique insight. The book is a testimony to that skill, expertise and insight. Even a tough subject is explained in a way that looks easy and doable.

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You are one step away from a successful business of selling in overseas markets. In this book I explain how technology has made exporting so easy that anyone with computer, Internet connection and dedication can build successful business in overseas markets within short period of time.

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Exporting 2023

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I want this!